A few of the comments I’ve received from coworkers and clients:

Peer Reviews:

“Fawn is great! She learns very quickly. Her knowledge of CSS is amazing, and she picked up Drupal almost instantly. She also did the same when she decided to learn SQL. And she has a great way of communicating with others. I love working with her.”

“Meticulous and organized. Well respected by clients.”

“Fawn does a great job of keeping her customers happy. She completes her tasks in a timely manner without anyone to push her and she takes the initiative to take courses and conferences to help her gain additional skills.”

“DOJ loves her and have made the comment directly to me “that they would be completely lost without her.” I think that says volumes because I know first hand how difficult the tasking can be and the time frames are sometimes under a great deal of pressure. She is very professional and detail orientated.”

“Fawn is fantastic. She can absorb a huge amount of information is very little time. And she also was able to contribute a lot in a very little time frame with very little time. I wish I could work with her in more projects.”

“Fawn is loved by DOJ for her responsiveness and great work. She is also liked by all at Zekiah. Fawn is one that is reliable to get her work done and done well.”

“I ran into some difficulties with the software not being loaded onto my computer… but Fawn helped me get connected to who I need to at DOJ to get my work accomplished on time. When I back fill her, she always takes the time to update me on information since the last time I covered for her and checks in on me even when she’s out of the office. The people at DOJ have nothing but amazing things to say about her.”

Thanks From Clients:

“I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for me over the years – you’ve saved me from insanity on a number of occasions!”
— Office of the Inspector General, USDOJ

“I know we threw some quick turnaround times and changes at you to address our leadership’s requests, and you handled everything timely and professionally. Thanks again for your hard work.”
Office of the Inspector General, USDOJ

“Thank you for the excellent support in getting the information and request capability out to the end users.  I know there are many others on the website development team that deserve a huge THANK YOU as well.”
National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

“Thanks again Fawn for all your help while I was “acting” director.  As you know, our web site is very important to the-powers-that-be and was a big part of why I was selected.”
— Office of the Inspector General, USDOJ

“My experience has been overwhelmingly positive:  both the quality and quantity of work delivered has always exceeded the Government’s requirements and expectations.  Because of the nature of the OIG’s work, Zekiah’s personnel are routinely given deadlines which are ambitious at best and unreasonable at worst.  Despite this, they have always delivered and delivered with a smile.  Their level of service is so high that at times I believe that I am their only customer.  Because we are so satisfied with their work, the OIG is looking to expand our business with them. They are a unique combination of talent, competence, and honesty.  The icing on the cake is that they are always exceptionally pleasant to deal with!”(During this entire time period, I was the sole developer and still am)
— Office of the Inspector General, USDOJ

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