Zekiah Tech

July 2017:

  • Launched new site redesigned and built in WordPress
  • Migrated and reorganized content from previous site
  • Set up redirects for previous links
  • Implemented SSL
  • Configured IIS7 server to work with WordPress

June 2010:

I redesigned a new look, organization and structure for our corporate site, using Drupal. Previous site was almost 9 years old and written in ASP, and content had to be updated manually.

Technical Innovations:

  • Designed and developed custom theme in Drupal (launched 2010)
  • Provided methods for staff to create and edit pages, press releases, blog entries, job descriptions, etc.
  • Drop down menu easy to expand onto
  • Developed a form so users can apply for a job online
  • RSS feeds for press releases and blog posts
  • Implemented a share button for press releases and blog posts to share on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter
  • Google maps on locations page
  • Sort blog posts by topic or date

My Role:

  • Sole Designer and Developer, Site Administrator, Site Maintenance


Website Redesign (2010)

Website Redesign (2010)

Website Redesign Sub page (2010)

Website Redesign Sub page (2010)